“Meet God at the Altar” 

On the night of Wednesday, July 14, 2021, at the beginning of the Holy Ghost healing service, Pastor Todd called out that “there’s something going on in someone’s chest.” If that’s you, come up. I knew it was me so I went forward. When hands were laid on me, I was slain in the spirit. When you stand in the presence of God, you can’t stand up. You fall down under an anointing, and that’s the presence and power of God at work. Pastor Todd said “I speak FREEDOM, healing, and wholeness in to your body now in the Name of Jesus!” I felt the demonic attack break off of me. He then said, it’s all gone! I received that word with joy! God had set me free – and who God sets free is free indeed! I thank God for my healing and I thank God for our pastors who are obedient to the voice of God. I know from past experiences that there were times I wanted to go to the altar but my feet were frozen to the floor. I couldn’t move. Fear rose up in me, afraid to step out. That’s the devil holding us back. The next time, if you have the symptom that the pastors call out, you need to step forward to receive your healing. Don’t let the devil prevent you from being healed. Meet God at the altar and receive your healing – in the NAME OF JESUS!
- Dessie Oliver

“I am the Healed of God”

God heals and He healed me. I had suffered from depression since I was a teenager, years later I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. Besides my husband, nobody knew about this. I always heard that God heals, I read the Bible about God’s healing but never thought of asking Him to heal me. One day I thought about it, why not ask God to heal me instead of taking 5 different medications twice a day and spending lots on money in them? I said, God, would You heal me? It was as if I had to convince myself that He would definitely heal me; so, everyday for a period of three months, I took a short walk while talking to God about my healing. My conversations with the Lord went like this: “Lord, I know that you heal because it is In Your word and Your word is the truth. I believe Your word is the truth, the only and absolute truth; so I should expect that You will heal me. But, how would I know that You have healed me? This is a mental disease and I don’t want to imagine I am healed when You really haven’t healed me, You know what I mean Lord. I need a proof of your healing so that I will know for sure that You have healed me.” Everyday, for three months, I had the same conversation with God, expecting a proof of His healing any day, each day more convinced that He would heal me. It was three months because my appointments with my psychiatrist were every three months so that I could get my prescriptions refilled and I didn’t want to take a chance of not taking the medications and “not feeling well”. The day came when I had my psychiatrist appointment the next morning and I had not received any proof of healing, so I said, “Lord, my appointment is tomorrow and I haven’t got a healing proof from you. That is ok, I will keep on expecting my healing, maybe I will get it in the next three months or later on.” That night I attended church, we were singing and worshiping God when Pastor Todd (nobody but my husband knew about my mental disease) came to me and laid hands on me as he was saying that God was healing me at that very moment from something very painful that I had suffered for many years. He said that God was taking all that away from me and filling me with His goodness, and that God was saying that every time I felt “this dark cloud” coming on me, I was to rebuke the enemy and to praise Him and it will leave me. I needed no other proof of healing, God had just healed me and I am the healed of God!!!! This happened on October 20th, 2019.
- Maureen Loflin